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WorkSpan Helps Ecosystem Professionals in Two Ways

Program Leaders
Digitize Your Partner Programs and Build Business Resilience
Digitally transform your partner programs and equip your teams and partners to remotely drive exceptional business results.
Standardize your programs on a shared digital platform
Measure and manage your programs with real-time data
Grow your business today and lead into the future

Partner Managers
Remotely Execute with Your Partners on a Shared Digital Platform
Connect with your partners virtually, build joint plans together, and execute as one.
Make every partner relationship shine with transparency and trusted data
Keep all your stakeholders aligned and accountable on joint business plans
Eliminate hours spent cleaning up data and reconciling spreadsheets

Digitize and Accelerate Your Partner Programs with WorkSpan
Partner programs and initiatives come in many forms.
Execute them all across regions, industries, products, and services on WorkSpan.

WorkSpan digitizes joint selling management, delivering transparency, accountability, and attribution to partner opportunities at every stage of the funnel, from ‘partner sourced’ through ‘closed won.’

Digitize and Accelerate Your Partner Programs with WorkSpan Today