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The next generation of real-time content.
Automatically assemble the right content in real time for each impression with our pioneering technology. Wylei Predictive Content uses cloud-based machine learning to discover subtle patterns in digital engagement and automatically assembles the right content in real time for each impression—creating a personalized, hypertargeted experience in any digital medium that dramatically boosts engagement and sales.

Achieve True 1-to-1 Personalized Marketing at Scale

Achieve next-generation digital marketing ROI by leveraging our patented cloud-based autonomous AI technology as a simple plug-in to your digital marketing cloud.
The Marketing Power of
Machine Learning
Our patented, world-leading machine learning technology powers our ground-breaking predictive content engine. Achieve a whole new level of personalization at greater scale and lower cost with precise predictive intelligence.

Automatically adapts to your data points, customers, brand, and content to find the unique patterns that work best for you
Eliminates the need for A/B testing, enabling continuous listening over time
Clear box insights give you a deep microsegmented view of your campaign