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Your True Numbers Matter

Inventory matters! Too much drains your margins. Too little puts a drag on sales. With Zangerine you’ll find your sweet spot and never leave.
-Automated Item Tracking
-Barcode Scanning
-Minimum and Preferred Stock Alerts

Selling and Marketing at a Fever Pitch
From abandoned cart to upsell to cross sell and to customer portal; when it comes to eCommerce, Zangerine helps your marketing and sales shine bright.
-B2B and B2C Stores
-Mobile Responsive
Purchase What Matters Now

Please welcome clarity to your purchasing decisions with Zangerine! You’ll avoid inventorying cases of the unwanted and instead inventory the hot-selling.
-Low Stock Alert
-Vendor Portal Convenience
-One-click Reordering

Finding Passion in the Numbers
Visions of success usually don’t include financial management chores. Yet, here is where the game can be won or lost. You can score and triumph with Zangerine’s financial management toolset. Integrate with your favorite accounting system, Quickbooks and more!
– Invoicing
– Payment Processing
-Customer Credits
Knowledge is Power. Right?

Absolutely! Zangerine’s business intelligence tools highlight the good and the bad. When it comes to making confident business decisions, clarity matters. And Zangerine delivers!
– Central Dashboard
– Google Analytics
– Advanced Reporting