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Introducing ZAP Data Hub:
ZAP Data Hub is an ELT and data warehouse automation software. It’s the fastest way to deliver accurate, trusted financial and operational reporting in BI tools including Tableau and Power BI. We have optimized solutions for Microsoft Dynamics, the Sage portfolio, Salesforce, SAP Business One, SYSPRO, and smart data connectors for many other datasources.

Get faster, better reporting from your ERP, CRM, and all your data
ZAP Data Hub is the fastest, most cost-effective way to get accurate, trusted reporting from your ERP, with smart data connectors, pre-built data models and analytics for Microsoft Dynamics, the Sage suite, Salesforce, SAP Business One, and SYSPRO.

Get better reporting from your BI tool
Deliver enhanced, financial and operational reporting in Power BI and Tableau without time-consuming, user-based data preparation. ZAP Data Hub automates access, integration, and preparation of data to give every function in a business access to reporting from all data sources: ERP, CRM, finance systems, databases, files, and more.

Instant business reporting, no data headaches… in just two minutes!

About ZAP
Founded in 2001, ZAP is a leader in SaaS for data management & analytics. We have offices in USA, Europe, Australia, and South Africa, and a sales partner footprint across more than 80 countries.

ZAP Data Hub is used in all industry sectors, from mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 organizations. Sage’s SD&A (Sage Data & Analytics) platform is powered by ZAP Data Hub and is the result of a long-standing ISV relationship.