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Actionable Reporting Made Easy
Create jaw-dropping reports and dashboards with powerful visualization tools to deliver real insight from your data in record time.

The smart way to visualize the complexity of your business

Actionable reports
Out-of-the-box tools for meaningful, actionable, and user-friendly reports.

in just a few clicks
No training, no programming, no formulas. Have your reports set up in minutes.

in your favorite tool
Simply import into your Excel or Power BI to start visualizing your data.

Discover deeper insights
Make your business reports and dashboards understandable & actionable.

With Zebra BI visuals you don’t just show how something is good or bad, but you can tell exactly what’s going on.

Build reports 10x faster
Enter the world of self-service BI and let the Zebra BI visuals calculate & visualize your key business drivers for you!

With out-of-the-box YoY growth rates, variances vs Plan, PY, or Forecast, etc. Zebra BI will simplify your data models and shorten your report development cycles beyond comparison. Result? Rapid and insanely flexible reports that are super easy to maintain in the long run.

Establish consistency in reporting
Make sure your reports are consistent, no matter who designs them.

Even if your organization employs thousands of people who interact with Power BI or Excel-based reports, you can now make sure that each and every report and dashboard page will have a consistent design, making it easier to understand.

Learn more about our IBCS-compliance and Custom Themes

Widely accepted quality standards

IBCS® Certified

With IBCS standards you make sure reports across your organization stay consistent and follow the same logic for easier understanding.
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PBI Certified

Zebra BI visuals for Power BI have been officially tested and certified by Microsoft ensuring they meet the highest data security standards.

Ready to start uncovering actionable insights from your data?
Explore Zebra BI for Excel and Power BI, or start a trial instantly and test our tools on your data. You can also contact us to help you build your first test report and create a custom package for your business.