Top 10 Best Landing Page Tools for Marketers 

August 12, 2021

Top 10 Best Landing Page Tools for Marketers 

Landing pages serve as an entry point to a website. It’s essentially the web page that shows up when the user clicks on a specific banner or social media ad. The reason we have landing pages is to test which ad’s lead to high conversion rates, so you can understand which marketing campaigns get the best results from an audience. 

Below we’ve listed 10 of the best landing page software solutions on the market today. Most of the solutions focus on helping you create, personalize and optimize your website. Others are all-in-one-tools that focus on other areas of marketing but offer landing page creation as part of their package. We hope this list goes towards helping you create the landing page that you’ve envisioned. 

Landing Page Tools

  1. Leadpages 

Leadpages is a very affordable and user-friendly landing page builder. The software can help you build landing pages in minutes with their template library, so you can easily capture leads. It also comes with a number of other great features, like it’s one-click sign up feature, which can help you increase conversions. 

Leadpages Features:

  • Templates- provide you with ready-made templates for quick and easy landing page creation. 
  • A/B testing – enables users to test changes to pages and measure conversion. 
  • Drag & Drop feature – allows users to easily create and customize web pages. 
  • Alert bars & Pop ups – so you can capture your users attention with offers and collect user information. 
  • Mobile responsive – so you are able to make landing pages responsive to mobile users. 
  • Works with WordPress. 


Prices start from $37. 


  1. Landingi


With Landingi you can create, design, optimize, customize and test your landing pages with ease. The platform also gives you the option to automate the whole process for a few more dollars. With this upgrade you’ll be able to save time, secure more leads, maximize sales and watch your business grow.  

Landingi Features: 

  • Drag & drop editor – where you can interactively design landing pages with ease. 
  • 300+ ready to use templates- giving you the option to find the best template to attract customers and increase conversions. 
  • A/B testing – gives you the opportunity to test landing pages at the click of a button. 
  • Mobile response – creates mobile responsive pages, so your landing pages are mobile friendly. 
  • Pop-up builder- create pop-ups that will engage your customers. 
  • CRM sales and email integrations – integrates with your existing CRM within minutes. 

Prices start from $55. 


  1. Short Stack  

Short Stack is a fantastic all-in- one digital marketing platform built for lead collection, engagement and marketing automation. 

The software provides you with a great array of templates to help you create beautiful, attractive landing pages without any need for programming knowledge. 

Short Stack Features: 

  • Templates – pre-built landing pages at the click of a button. 
  • A/B testing – gives you the ability to experiment with lead pages and target certain users for testing so you can better measure conversion.  
  • Mobile responsive – all the templates are responsive on mobile.  
  • Surveys, Quizzes, contests- allows you to set up information gathering and engagement encouraging aids.
  • Customization- easy to customize landing page with great features like pop-up, nudge etc. 
  • Integrations – the software is very easy to integrate with all your existing applications.  

Price ranges from $99.  


  1. Pagewiz 


PageWiz makes landing page creation easy. The software lets you create, publish, optimize and split -test landing pages. PageWiz also offers a very generous 30-day trial to test its features. 

PageWiz Features: 

  • Unlimited A/B testing – software makes it simple to test several variations of your page. 
  • 100+ Templates – offers a huge variety of high converting templates. 
  • Drag & drop feature – makes it simple to customize and design pages. 
  • 24/7 support – PageWiz has a great customer support team. 

Price ranges from $29.


  1. Hubspot 


Hubspot is an all- in- one CRM software solution that helps you engage with customers. 

Although this tool doesn’t specialize in landing page creation it does have a functional landing page builder, where you can create personalized landing pages but you’ll have to upgrade from the starter package if you want to conduct A/B testing. 

Hubspot Features:

  • Landing page templates- although Hubspot has a variety of templates they are not completely customizable. 
  • Live chat & bots- where you can chat with customers directly. 
  • Integration- software can integrate with all your other tools. 
  • Email tracking and notifications – where you’ll be able to communicate with customers. 
  • Meeting scheduling – a platform where you can meet with members of your team. 


Price ranges from $38. 


  1. Instapage 

Looking for a landing page tool that is very easy to use? 

Instapage is a highly recommended, complete landing page software solution to all your landing page needs. The tool uses scientifically proven methods, which focus on building landing pages with conversion focused layouts. 

Instapage Features: 

  • A/B testing – allows you to experiment with landing pages to help you understand how you can improve customer experience. 
  • Personalization- where you can change the content for each unique audience.  
  • 200+ templates- a library of templates to choose from. 
  • Drag & Drop creator- so you can build and personalize every element of your landing page.  
  • Marketing automation tools – which include the ability to add pop-ups, countdown timers etc. 
  • Integration- can integrate with other marketing tools. 
  • Heat maps- so you can see where the customers linger.
  • Great for small and big businesses alike. 

Price ranges from $199. 


  1. GetResponse 


GetResponse is a complete online marketing software tool that can help you engage with customers, build strong customer relationships and grow your audience. 

Although this tool is not exclusively a landing page tool it still offers a few features that are worth noting. 

Key features include: 

  • A/B testing – the software offers testing on all its plans. 
  • 180+ Templates- where you can choose from professional looking templates to create pages. 
  • Unlimited landing pages. 
  • A Landing page toolkit- where you can build and personalize every element of your landing page.  
  • Marketing automation tools – which include the ability to add pop-ups, countdown timers, forms and webinars. 

Price ranges from $15. 


  1. MailChimp 

Looking for an affordable tool that does a bit of everything? 

MailChimp is an affordable, all-in- one marketing platform. It’s not purely a landing page tool but it does have some basic, functional landing page features where you can build a great page. 

MailChimp Features: 

  • 100+ Templates – pre-designed templates at your fingertips. 
  • Customization- Mailchimp offers basic customization of landing pages. 
  • Intelligent pop ups – to announce discounts and other important information.
  • Custom domains available – you can create domains and bring all your free website and landing pages under one domain to ensure brand harmony.  


Prices range from $9.99.  


  1. Unbounce 

Unbounce is a very popular landing page platform. The tool makes it very easy to create landing pages in just a few clicks. It also has a great selection of templates in its extensive template library. 

Unbounce’s features: 

  • Drag & drop feature – where you can save time and create stunning landing pages for desktop and mobile without writing a single line of code.  
  • A/B testing – where you can mock up several variations of your site and test which landing page is the most adept in leading to conversions. 
  • Popups & sticky bars – you can add popups to any page of your site and trigger customized offers to maximize conversion. 
  • Integrations & connections- where you can automate certain tasks like sending out customer emails. 
  • Templates – Unbounce comes with a lot of landing page templates so you are bound to find a great one that will appeal to your audience.  

Prices range from $99.


  1. Zipify 

Looking for the perfect landing page builder for your Shopify store? 

Zipify is a dedicated landing page builder for ecommerce businesses. 

Zipify Features: 

  • Drag & drop feature – so you can create landing pages with ease. 
  • A/B testing – allows you to test, compare and discover the best landing page. 
  • Integration – allows for easy integration to your Shopify store. 
  • Pop-up – intelligent pop ups to announce discounts and other important information. 
  • Templates – over 100s of appealing templates to choose from. 
  • Headlines – which you can personalize to show special offers. 

Prices range from $67.