10x Funnels: Repeat Customers

10x Funnels: Repeat Customers

10x Funnels: Repeat Customers


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10x Funnels: Repeat Customers

Win back your customers and increase spend per order without gimmicks

Return customers are cheaper to acquire. And they spend more with you. With this simple funnel, you can win them back for good.

You’ll 10x your strategic chops:

Cut the time it takes to release a funnel in half (or more!) by using the Minimum Viable Funnel to test your ideas and start bringing in money, instead of getting stuck in the details
Master the three levers you can pull to … Master the thee types of re-engagement funnels every business needs – sell more of the same, something that does the work for them, sells them something that gets results faster
Activate past customers and make them want to buy by framing your offer in a way they can’t refuse by using unexpected psychological triggers
Become the A/B test whisperer, confidently suggesting testing and success strategies so you can consistently increase conversions

You’ll 10x your conversion copy skills and:

Use advanced copywriting techniques like “frame selection” and “ascension” to take your offer from OK-but-forgettable to absolutely irresistible and gently prod your customer into action
Have 80% of your copy written – before you actually write a single word – by simply doing one thing others ignore
Frame your offer by presenting the information in a way your customers haven’t heard before – even in saturated markets
Lean on the Sales Stacker Funnel Brief to banish uncertainty, blank pages and funnel confusion forever by simply following the step-by-step system laid out for you