10x Web Copy


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10x Web Copy

Take the guesswork out of your web copywriting with this conversion copywriting system based on
The 10x Page Plan and The Transformation Message Map

With 10x Web Copy, you’ll finally know exactly how to find the messages that convert. For any page. In any industry.

You’ll 10x the strategic value you bring to any website project because you’ll:

Identify broken messages before you write a single word using two powerful research tools
Know all about the five documents you need before you begin a website writing project – and how to use all five to form a copy hypothesis
Use a crucial internal document – one that most copywriters completely ignore – to future proof the website strategy and copy
Confidently measure the work you do and spot opportunities to improve, while celebrating your wins fully
Understand the intent and quality of traffic coming to the site and its impact on the copy, design and strategy
Approach research like a conversion strategist, focusing on the essential elements that show you how site visitors make decisions

You’ll 10x your conversion copy skills because you’ll:

Wield The 10x Page Plan layout to effortlessly structure any page
Map the journey your prospect needs to make to say yes using The Transformation Message Map
Know how to design and structure your copy to reduce bounce rate
Form messaging hypothesis and design page copy with specific results in mind
Engineer the perfect goal-focused exit poll to understand the exact reason people don’t buy on a given page
Use your visitor’s anxieties and objections to develop ideas that neutralize them by giving your visitor what they really want
Have the “The Amazon prime” approach to optimizing any offer for any page tucked away to use as needed