A/B testing


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Become great at A/B testing

Start making more money with your online experiments

In just 18 lessons, you’ll learn how to
Get more wins through a long term impact optimization process.
Calculate where to run experiments, and with what impact.
Make a hypothesis based on data and psychology.
Prioritize test hypotheses and experiments.
Design, start and stop experiments at the right time.
Come up with proper insights from experiments run.
Build up a knowledge library on validated user insights.
Scale your digital experimentation efforts.
This course is right for you if…
You’re responsible (even partially) for the conversion rate of your digital channels.
You’re part of a team that runs – or should be running – online experiments.
Your company or client has at least 1,000 conversions coming in per month.
This course is probably not for you if…
An advanced statistics guru that knows everything about frequentist and Bayesian statistics, including the fact that false negatives are a way bigger problem than false positives.
Part of an organization with the highest testing maturity level: Evidence-based optimization is in the DNA of how the company operates.
Working at a company (or for clients) with fewer than 1,000 conversions coming in per month (the first four lessons are still valuable, but the last four won’t apply to your situation).
Skills you should have before taking this course
Basic digital analytics know-how
Basic user research knowledge
Some experience with running online experiments (or you’re going to join a team soon that is doing this)