Add It Up:Measuring Your Influencer Campaigns

Add It Up:Measuring Your Influencer Campaigns

Add It Up:Measuring Your Influencer Campaigns


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Add It Up:Measuring Your Influencer Campaigns

Have you ever come to the end of an influencer marketing campaign only to wonder, how can I tell if it was a success? There’s only one way to find out: choosing the right metrics and analyzing measurable results. Get ready. Get set. Get out your calculator. It’s time to do the math!


If you think of measurement as the conclusion to your campaign, you’re only partially right. Ultimately, waiting until your influencer campaign ends before deciding what you’ll measure and how won’t get you far for long. For the most accurate insights, you must also make a plan at the start and measure as you go.

In Add It Up: Measuring Your Influencer Campaigns, you’ll learn how to make that measurement plan by considering your goals and objectives, determining your KPIs and success measures, and choosing the best way to capture and illustrate your data.

Plus, you’ll uncover how to analyze your campaign results and apply insights gleaned from real data as you go so each campaign iteration can be infinitely smarter and more successful than the last.

1 Review the four main goals your campaign can impact and pinpoint a goal you want to focus on in your upcoming influencer campaign
2 Identify the tools needed to measure your goals
3 Analyze the data on your influencers so that you can make informed decisions about their involvement in future campaigns