B2B Sales Fundamentals

B2B Sales Fundamentals

B2B Sales Fundamentals


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B2B Sales Fundamentals
Who is this Sprint for?
Digital Learners

Itching to learn something useful and new? Add another bow to your digital quiver

Founders & Business Owners

Develop the skills you need to grow your revenue

Marketing & Sales Professionals

Differentiate yourself and get ahead of the pack

What does this Sprint cover?
Week 1
Teach for differentiation

Centering the conversation around the clients business
Mapping your sales pitch to the commercial teaching pitch
Engaging emotional and rational areas of the brain
Grade teaching pitch frameworks

Week 2
Tailor for resonance

Profiling client stakeholders
Identifying economic drivers for different individuals
Planning internal conversations to build consensus
Tailoring across industry, company, role
Client role specific goals cheat sheet

Week 3
Take control and close sales

Shifting conversations from price to value
Pressuring the clients decision making cycle
Getting the balance right between assertiveness and passiveness
Ensuring next steps at the end of each meeting