Behavioral Design


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Become great at behavioral design

Understand what motivates your customers to convert

After taking this course, you’ll…
Understand many of the key psychology principles used in CRO
Make better decisions based on human-insight
Build confidence in translating psychological theories into creative content
Understand several psychological strategies and design tactics
Have a better sense of the emotions that drive human behavior
Here’s what Brian will teach you…

Students will learn the essentials of behavioral design, and gain a broad perspective on the psychology that drives online behavior.

By better understanding the broad psychological principles that drive online engagement, participants will develop better judgement, make better decisions, and builder higher-converting products.

This course is essential for you if …
Want to learn the core psychology that is relevant to conversion-focused digital media professionals
You work hands-on, where deeper human insight will help you make better and faster decisions
You work in any organization where greater conversions will improve your bottom-line
This course is NOT for you if…
You are starting out in digital media, and are not yet familiar with the basics in your chosen practice area.
You expect to be spoon fed tactical psychology, such as dogmatic rules saying “psychological technique 847 always produces a 5% lift”. This is a course on insight.
You are only interested in your specific area, such as only doing design, only doing copy, or only doing analytics. The content cuts across man practice areas.
Designed for anyone with basic knowledge of conversion optimization.

This course is perfect for anyone who has a basic understanding of conversion optimization, UX and design as well as an interest in psychology and neuroscience.

Students should have previously worked on a CRO project or campaign before taking this course.