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Become great at Branding

Discover the formula to develop a brand that attracts customers effortlessly

Yesterday’s innovation is tomorrow’s commodity.

To win your market, you need to move beyond your product. Beyond your prospects’ rational needs.

You need to develop a brand that forms an emotional connection.

Which is exactly what you’ll learn to do in this course.

Soon you’ll have the skills to create a winning brand strategy, stay relevant through market evolution and increase the lifetime value of your customers. All with a proven, repeatable formula.

After taking this course, you’ll…
Create a winning brand strategy that aligns with the ultimate desires of your dream clients
Position your company as the obvious choice for your prospects
Develop a memorable brand personality and effective messaging
Form a strong, credible brand identity that attracts, engages and sticks with your prospects
Develop an effective brand ecosystem to increase client loyalty and lifetime value
This course is essential for you if …
You work in a B2C or B2B organization with average deal sizes of $10K and above
You’re a CEO, CMO, or marketer who wants to grow your business value, attract bigger deals, reduce acquisition costs, shorten your sales cycle, attract high-value clients and develop a stronger company culture
You want to improve your branding skills and learn new, effective marketing strategies
This course is NOT for you if…
If you’re in a B2B with an average deal size much lower than $10K
You are not looking to grow your business you represent
You don’t have time to implement new brand and marketing strategies to grow the company
Skills you should have before taking this course

The course is for beginners and advanced marketers alike.

Whether you’ve read every book on branding, or this is your introduction to the topic, you’ll be a better brand strategist after taking this course.