Build A Quiz To Attract New Qualified Leads

Build A Quiz To Attract New Qualified Leads

Build A Quiz To Attract New Qualified Leads


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Build A Quiz To Attract New Qualified Leads

In this new workshop, you’ll create your very own quiz that generates THOUSANDS of red-hot leads for your business… 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Here’s What We’ll Create Together…

In this workshop, you’ll work with digital marketing expert & author (and Inc. 500 CEO), Ryan Levesque, to create a viral quiz that quickly builds a MASSIVE list of qualified leads… without spending a dime.

In just a few short hours you’ll…

  • Work hand-in-hand with Quiz Funnel pioneer Ryan Levesque to build 3 completely custom quiz frameworks that are proven to drive THOUSANDS of QUALIFIED leads to your business… even in “boring” or “straight-laced” industries.
  • Leverage Ryan’s secret solution for segmenting your quiz takers into 3–5 specific “buckets” so that your new leads are getting the RIGHT follow-up offer at the RIGHT time.
  • Craft an engaging and entertaining quiz that hits your audience’s specific psychological triggers… and primes them for the sale without driving them away.
  • Discover secret strategies for split testing your quizzes to make sure you’re hitting the right pain points and triggers for your audience… every time.
  • Seamlessly integrate your offer into the back end of each of your quizzes to capitalize on your “layup leads” and drive IMMEDIATE sales…

What You’ll Learn

  • How to build a viral quiz to quickly grow a massive list of qualified leads
  • How to turn those quiz-takers into product buyers by the end of the quiz
  • How to split test your quiz so your hook, bridge, and offer drive the even more conversions