Building a Marketing Agency

Building a Marketing Agency

Building a Marketing Agency


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Become great at building a marketing agency
After taking this course, you’ll…
Know how to attract and retain great people, starting with the principles and techniques of a great hiring process, knowing how to spot A players with high potential, and how to create an environment in your agency to make them as successful (and fulfilled) as possible.
Set your agency up for sustainable growth through the use of visioning, agency strategy, objective tracking, financial management, and ultimately, creating the life you want as a business leader.
Attract more, and better, clients through proven marketing, sales, and client service systems that set agencies up for long term growth and success.
Grow as a leader by putting a disciplined approach of feedback and professional development into practice.
Here’s what Bob will teach you…

Master the principles that will allow your agency to scale up and provide you, the agency owner, the life you always wanted.

This course is essential for you if …
Lead a small agency and want to see it grow into an industry leader.
Need actionable tips for building a company culture that attracts and retains great talent.
Want your sales process to be effective, well-defined, and standardized.
This course is NOT for you if…
Already lead a robust agency with millions in annual revenue.
Have trouble accepting the hard work necessary for growth.
Don’t see the value of frequent feedback from clients, customers, employees, interns, and mentors.
Skills you should have before taking this course

This course is aimed to suit a professional who seeks to grow a marketing agency from its infancy to its financial and cultural maturity. The ideal student likely runs a very small business and had ambitions of growth.