Goal Setting with Daymond John

Goal Setting with Daymond John

Goal Setting with Daymond John


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Goal Setting with Daymond John

Daymond John didn’t go to business school. He didn’t get bank loans or start with a board of investors.

He learned how to sew. He learned how to sell. And through his persistence, he built FUBU into a billion dollar fashion empire.

Today, as one of ABC Shark Tank’s most prolific investors, Daymond guides his portfolio of companies through the business building journey.

In this course, you get an inside look at how Daymond helps entrepreneurs set goals and follow through to achieve them.

A goal is a dream with a process and a deadline. Start creating your ambitious goals today.

You will discover:
3 benefits to goal setting for small business owners
The value of starting with why when creating goals
Daymond’s signature method for visualizing success
Daymond’s follow-through formula to take action to achieve goals
How to bounce back after not achieving a goal on your intended timeline

Introduction to the Course

3 Benefits of Goal Setting for Small Business Owners

Why Goal Setting Fails

Example | SunStaches

Download the Course Workbook

01 |Goal Setting Framework

The Power of Why

3 Things to Stop Saying to Yourself if You Want to Succeed

Visualize Your Success

How to Set Goals

02 |The Follow-Through Formula

3 Steps to Develop Your Influence

3 Ways to Negotiate for What You Want

03 |Reflect and Reassess

What to Do When You Hit (or Miss) Your Goal

Teach Your Team to Set Goals

Daymond’s Final Words of Advice