Intermediate Google Tag Manager

Intermediate Google Tag Manager

Intermediate Google Tag Manager


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Intermediate Google Tag Manager
This training program will give you
Greater data governance and control over your tag management.
Knowledge of underutilized and super powerful GTM features.
A thorough QA process and ways to speed up your changes and implementations across teams.
Unlock the true power of Google Tag Manager

Have you been using GTM for a while, but feel like there’s more to the tool than you’re currently using? Well, you’re right. GTM is a powerful tool and many of its features often go underutilized.

The knowledge and strategies incorporated in this training are the same that are used in enterprise level companies around the world.

Take your Google Tag Manager skills to the next level
Be competent in one of the most useful tools out there for a digital marketer.
Speed up implementations and changes to your tag management.
Unlock advanced tracking solutions.
Discover features of GTM you’ve been missing out on.
Build a system that opens up greater data control and governance in your company.
Create QA and workflow processes that eliminate costly and annoying mistakes.
This course is right for you if…
You want to take advantage of everything GTM can do, not just the basic features.
You have used GTM regularly for at least 3-6 months.
You have some knowledge of JavaScript, CSS Selectors, and HTML.
You consider yourself a “technical marketer” or analyst and want to become even better.
You have previously taken a foundational GTM course (including ours) and want to level up.