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How to master the art of storytelling


Learn to be a great storyteller
Become a better communicator
Make your stories more memorable
Write catchy headlines
Understand the science behind storytelling


People looking to use Storytelling for communication
Marketers and creatives looking for some inspiration and guidance
CEO’s or Founder looking to grow their business
People that want to stand out and be remembered

Storytelling is a superpower hiding in plain sight.

Everyone loves a good story. Why is that? What are the ingredients of a good story?

Cannes Lions brings their rich history of awarding and inspiring powerful storytelling in the creative world to show you how storytelling can make you, your brand and your products stand out from the crowd.

You’ll master the practical skills step by step from high profile creative leaders from around the world, including Keith Reinhard, Gabriela Lungu, Rory Sutherland, and more.

Throughout the course, you’ll also get access to over 50 best practice case studies, and upon completion, you’ll earn a certification from Cannes Lions.

So whether you’re in advertising or work in marketing and want to grow your brand, or even a budding entrepreneur wanting to refine your pitch, join us today and master the world of storytelling.

Learning with Cannes Lions

Created in partnership with the industry, Cannes Lions has created this short course to explain the importance of storytelling and why it sits at the heart of every successful brand.

Combining videos from key contributors and showcasing Lion winning work, we’ve designed this course to teach you the fundamentals of great storytelling, and ultimately share techniques and principles to help you to tell better stories.

The way you’ll learn has been designed for creative learning in a digital age. Everything is split into small bite sized lessons that you can take in your own time, with quizzes at the end of each lesson to test your knowledge. As you progress, you’ll earn points and badges so you can see how well you’re doing compared to your peers.


Every course on 42courses is designed to be taught at an MBA level. (i.e. you will walk away understanding the subject and its key methods, models and best practice.)
Throughout the course you’re continually assessed by real tutors so if you get stuck we will point you in the right direction.

Each course takes approx. 7-9 hours to complete, there are no time limits and it’s broken up into short bite-sized lessons.
Learning is on demand so you can start anytime you like.