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Marketing Management

Marketing Management


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Become great at marketing management

How to build and run a high-performance marketing team

This course covers actionable strategies for hiring and managing a team, as well as managing one’s personal brand.

This includes specifics on how to hire and onboard people. It also includes strategies for setting objectives and key results people can get excited about. Lastly, it includes guidance on how to find a mentor, land public speaking gigs, and join a board of directors.

In just 12 short sessions, you’ll be able to …
Set objectives and key results, so your teams can accomplish their goals
Build airtight project plans, so everything stays on track and within budget
Use a structured approach to resolve conflicts
Hire and onboard people efficiently, so new team members can get up to speed quickly and start contributing
Land speaking gigs, so you can grow your personal brand and advance your career
This course is right for you if …
enjoy hiring and leading others and need strategies to get there
dream of becoming a CMO or building a large team and want proactive steps for getting there
enjoy running an organized, “tight ship” and would benefit from frameworks to support you
This course is NOT for you if …
you’re super junior in your marketing career and have never managed anyone (either directly or indirectly)
you’re super advanced in your career and have already led dozens of people
you prefer being an individual contributor and doing heads-down work most of the time