Mobile SEO Course with Greg Gifford

Mobile SEO Course with Greg Gifford

Mobile SEO Course with Greg Gifford


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Mobile SEO Course with Greg Gifford

For 17 years, Greg has been doing SEO for businesses in different verticals to boost their visibility in search results. In this free short specialized course, he’ll walk you through every little tip you need to know to make your mobile website hit it out of the park.

Mobile SEO Course Contents
Lesson 1. Introduction to Mobile SEO

This module serves as your introduction to mobile SEO, how it differs from desktop SEO, and why you need to master it for your success.

Lesson 2. Responsive Site and Content

Greg explains how proper site design plays such an important role in mobile site SEO, and why no mobile SEO strategy will succeed without it.

Lesson 3. Technical Aspects

As this lesson gets a bit more technical, learn how to create a responsive website and avoid technical issues that could damage your mobile SEO.

Lesson 4. UX

Online success is all about user experience. Learn about creating and optimizing a website that’s easy to navigate and easy to find.

Lesson 5. Speed

Mobile speed and load times have a big effect on your Google rankings, and, consequently, on your website traffic. This module on mobile speed SEO tells you how to optimize your site for speed.

Lesson 6. AMP and Apps

There’s more than one way to build for speed. AMPs and apps are two alternatives to load your content faster. Learn how here.

Lesson 7. Optimizing for Local

No mobile SEO strategy would be complete without optimizing for local search. Discover the basics of local optimization in this lesson.