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Performative Speaking is now…

On Deck Performative Speaking!
You learned how to speak when you were a toddler.

But you never learned how to speak confidently and definitely not persuasively.

You never learned how to command a room with 5, 10, or 100 people.

How do you sell investors, executives, or your bosses on an idea?

You don’t know because you were never taught.

What if you knew you could walk into any room and sell yourself and your ideas?

Public Speaking is the skill that makes all of this possible and will change your personal and professional life.

But before we tell you how we’re going to change all that, let me take you back…

You know the feeling..

Your heart is racing…

*thud* *thud* *thud*

Your knees are weak and your palms are sweaty…

You’re starting to feel like Eminem in 8 Mile.

You swear every set of eyes in the room is focused right. on. you.

And you know what they’re thinking:

I can’t wait to see them mess up.

They can’t do this.

What a waste of time?

Then, your name is called and…

all you can think about is how you’re going to fail.

How your career and life are over.

But that’s not how it has to be!

Public speaking should be fun!

Public speaking is an opportunity to connect with your audience. It is a chance to impress your audience. It’s a chance to change everything.

Every opportunity to speak in public is a chance to succeed. To make new connections. To open new doors. To create new opportunities.

And with Performative Speaking, you’ll be able to do all that…and more.

If you’re ready to…

Stand up in a meeting and pitch your idea with confidence
Create a confidence in speaking that is a part of your entire life
Boost your career prospects by being the best speaker in the room
Build a following of people who look up to your conversation skills
Connect with more people and be instantly more likeable and credible
Increase serendipity and opportunity in your work and life
Performative Speaking is for you.

What’s keeping you stuck?
Jerry Seinfeld tells this joke about public speaking.

He says, “we’d rather be the person in the box than the person outside of the box talking about the person inside the box.”

Performative Speaking wants to make sure that’s just a joke and not reality.

5 Myths About Public Speaking
Keeping You Stuck
Here are five common myths about public speaking that keep people stuck in their stories, unable and afraid to master the art and science of public speaking.

Public Speaking is something to be afraid of.

Not true! Once you learn how, you will love it.

I have to be something I’m not.

Nope! Be authentic. Its simple…just be you.

People are born with it.

This is a skill and an art. You can and will be taught exactly how to become a master.

This is what we do.

Public speaking isn’t for me.

Also not true! Every single day you are speaking in public. It’s time to start doing it well.

It will quite literally improve every single day of your life.

I’m too scared/nervous/jittery/etc.

Maybe right now…but not for long.

We will teach you how to use that fear and turn it into something better…positive energy and excitement.

Performative Speaking busts each of these myths with a philosophy tested in the trenches of the highest stakes legal trials and validated in the classrooms of a world-renowned law school.

Performative Speaking faced each of these myths and found them to be lies.

What is Performative Speaking and Why?

Performative Speaking is about using other forms of art (movies, television, pop culture, and more) as references to create a specific vibe, mood, or feeling in the listener using different speaking tools and techniques.

Performative Speaking is art and just like other art forms, the goal is to create emotion in the audience.

The philosophy behind Performative Speaking developed over my career in 102 jury trials on cases such as murder, robbery, and child abuse.

Lawyers could say the right words but not create the right emotion. I saw the disconnect.

I had been using Performative Speaking all of my career as a trial lawyer but never gave it a name. Seeing more and more lawyers struggle to connect with juries showed me that I needed to develop my ideas into a philosophy.

That’s where Performative Speaking began. It started in my 2nd year of law school and was refined over the next 9 years in the trenches of trial.

The philosophy has been tested and put into practice by law students at Southern Methodist University Law School where I teach and coach students to compete in nationwide tournaments.

The philosophy has been tested by coaching clients in the world of performance and speech coaching. Business leaders, entrepreneurs, and other lawyers have used this philosophy to succeed.

These tools, principles, and theory will reshape the way any speaker thinks about persuading an audience.

21% increase in speaking ability…in 16 days.

These are the results for students in Cohort 1.

You see, we have each student do a self-assessment survey at the beginning of the course.

Then we have them fill it out again at the half-way point.

The results?

21% average.

What would a 21% increase look like for you?

21% more opportunity

21% more success

21% more earnings

By February 2021, you can have that increase.

You can be 21% better.

In case you picked up on it…there’s still half the course to go.

Watch those numbers go even higher after the full 5 weeks.

The Pillars of Performative Speaking

• Age of Persuasion
• Create your Character
• The C.A.P. System
• Be the star of the room
• Build your Expert
• Create your video home
• Find your West Wing

What You’ll Get

• 15 live class sessions
• 3 live sessions per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 8PM EST) for 5 weeks
• At least 6 pre-recorded unit videos
• Private online discussion forum (circle)
• Live small group sessions if class size exceeds 30 people
• Orientation call
• 2 live Crossfit for Speaking sessions on Saturday
• 5 world-class level speeches on video or audio