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Become great at Positioning

It’s easy to dominate your market when you’re the only one in it. Discover the framework to become a Market of One.

Your positioning will determine if you sink or swim

In a crowded market, only companies that get their positioning right will remain afloat.

Without excellent positioning, you face…

competitors who force your prices down,
being perceived as a commodity, a me-too or also-ran,
long sales cycles and price-resistant customers who struggle to grasp your full value,
the risk of becoming irrelevant as the market leader pushes you out of the arena.
After taking this course, you’ll…
Have a complete Market of One messaging framework for your company.
Know how to make any product stand out.
Understand what positioning is and how to use it in the modern marketing landscape.
Transform your positioning strategy into marketing strategy with a tactical plan that you can execute.
Avoid commoditization and “me too” marketing with a unique message that gets noticed and drives business.
Avoid other common pitfalls by clarifying your value (rather than confusing your market).
This course is essential for you if …
Work in software or technology and want to know how leaders differentiate products in the modern world.
Want to develop a more cohesive team culture that rallies around a mission and story.
Want to differentiate a product in a red ocean, driving bigger deals, less price resistance, more inbound leads, and higher conversion rates on every promotion you launch.