Price Your Craft


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Price Your Craft
Achieve Your Big Financial Goals.

Pricing your products isn’t just about covering your expenses and making a profit. Learn how to set a pricing strategy that tells a story about your business and helps you reach your goals in Price Your Craft with Tara Gentile.

Tara is a respected strategist and author who helps her clients make their businesses more profitable and brands more compelling. In this class, she’ll explain both the tactical and strategic aspects of pricing. You’ll learn how to:
Set a price that positively impacts how your brand is perceived
Identify buyers who are into your products
Uncover how your products are really used and why they are purchased
Set prices based on your personal and professional goals
Tara will share her must-use pricing formula and help you tailor it to the way you do business. She’ll help you account for the many details that go into fine-tuning your price story and help ensure that you turn a healthy profit on every sale.
Your price matters! Learn how to develop a pricing strategy you can apply to everything you produce in Price Your Craft with Tara Gentile and achieve your big financial goals.