‘The Mom Test’ by Rob Fitzpatrick

‘The Mom Test’ by Rob Fitzpatrick

‘The Mom Test’ by Rob Fitzpatrick


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This book is about how to do customer interviews and learn what people want when everyone is lying to you. It’s a quick, practical, and effective approach to customer development which will save you time and heartbreak.

It’s required reading in various entrepreneurship courses at Harvard, UCL, Imperial, and a number of the world’s top accelerators. If you’re not happy, just shoot an email to and I’ll give you a full and instant reimbursement.

“Ounce for ounce, there’s no better way to learn what customers want and will buy than this wonderful little book. If you want your new product or new business to succeed, start here.”

John Mullins, author, The New Business Road Test, Getting to Plan B, and The Customer-Funded Business

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