User-Centric Marketing

User-Centric Marketing

User-Centric Marketing


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Become great at user-centric marketing

Achieve happier customers and increased sales with user-centric marketing

After taking this course, you’ll:
Be equipped with easy to implement user research approaches to better understand your audience and how to engage them.
Discover how to map the customer journey, allowing you to know what messages to communicate and when.
Be able to test your campaigns with users in a cost-effective way to ensure they are as effective as possible.
You can apply user-centric marketing techniques even if you have a limited budget and tight deadlines.

User research and testing your campaigns don’t need to be time consuming or expensive. It can save both time and money because it ends the endless debate about the best approach and prevents you from adopting the wrong path.

User-centric marketing will allow you to spend your budget better and do more with less thanks to more word of mouth recommendations. That benefits both your business and you personally as you consistently exceed your targets.

This course is essential for you if …
You are under pressure to improve your conversion rate.
You are unsure which channels are most effective for engaging with your audience.
You are being expected to achieve more with less.
This course is NOT for you if …
You believe in relentlessly broadcasting your brand messages, rather than listening and responding to your audience’s questions.
You are unwilling or unable to work collaboratively with colleagues across your companies even when they work within different business units.
You already have extensive experience in user research, usability testing and ongoing multivariate testing.
You are willing to go to any lengths to close a deal even at the cost of alienating the prospect.