Value Proposition Development Online Certification Course

Value Proposition Development Online Certification Course

Value Proposition Development Online Certification Course


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Value Proposition Development Online Certification Course
The most efficient way to grow your sales is by converting more of the prospects you already have in your pipeline. In most cases, businesses don’t dominate market segments because they have superior products or services, but because they know how to clearly communicate an effective value proposition to the appropriate customer segments at the right times.

During the course you’ll learn proven techniques you can immediately implement, including:

1. How to identify and articulate a value proposition as well as its three derivatives
2. How to adjust the four elements of force to maximize the impact and effectiveness of your value proposition on a prospect
3. How to infuse your value proposition into all of your marketing collateral for continuity and congruency

Our team conducted extensive research on value communication theories, with some articles dating back more than 100 years. In addition to reviewing more than 1,100 academic articles regarding competitive advantage, differentiation, unique selling points, and value proposition, we’ve analyzed claims and theories from some of the best minds ever on the subject, including:

Michael LanningRosser ReevesDavid OgilvyClaude C. HopkinsWalter ScottDaniel StarchMichael PorterPhilip Kotler

We also conducted an academic roundtable discussion around the topics of value proposition with the top universities around the world to discuss why and how people make choices. Together with top researchers and professors, we formulated a number of different hypotheses relating to the individual effects of a value proposition on the likelihood of a prospect to convert. In doing so, we determined the drivers that motivate a person to say “yes”.

Universities that were in attendance included:

• University of Oxford
• University of Cambridge
• Villanova University
• University of Florida