Value Propositions


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Value Propositions

What unique value does your company offer customers? We’re talking beyond taglines and other marketing language: what’s at the very core of why your company exists? By focusing on your value proposition, you can keep your business on the right track (and growing).


What does your company do? What special products and services does it provide to solve the pain points of customers? And how do you do this better than the competition?

These are the types of questions your marketing department—better yet, your entire organization—should be thinking about every day. Because your unique value proposition should inform every decision made throughout the company.

If you feel like your marketing efforts are straying off course, or you simply need to refocus on what exactly you’re marketing and why, this PRO-exclusive, interactive course is for you. You’ll discover new ways to think about your target audiences, the benefits you can offer them, and how to frame every marketing decision around your company’s beliefs.

1 Define unique value proposition, unique selling proposition, and positioning, and explain how they relate to one another
2 Use value propositions and positioning statements to inform a comprehensive marketing plan
3 Interpret customer data for better prospecting and customer relationships
4 Apply Porter’s Value Chain concept to your own organization