YouTube Ads


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Become great at YouTube ads

Build & scale profitable YouTube ad campaigns

Learn how to target audiences, create the perfect video ad and set up campaigns that work.

In just 3 hrs, you’ll learn how to…

Find your future customers on YouTube
Use a 7-step method for creating perfect video ads
Identify and scale the best keywords for your business
Understand how to get YouTube’s A.I. working for you (and when to use it)
Diagnose and fix any campaign problems you might run into
This course is right for you if you are…
Looking to add YouTube into your ad channel marketing mix
Already running YouTube ads, but not having much success with it
Want to acquire more customers profitably

This course is NOT for you if you…

Have no plans to advertise on YouTube
Are already a pro at this and getting a lot of success
Skills you should have before taking this course

While this course is perfectly suitable for people new to YouTube advertising, previous experience with the Google Ads platform would be a benefit. YouTube ads engine is essentially Google Ads – and so has the same targeting capabilities.