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Drupal 9 Resource Center
Everything you need to know about upgrading your website to Drupal 9, regardless if it currently is on Drupal 7 or 8.

Drupal 9 Upgrade 5
Where Do I Start with My Drupal 9 Upgrade?
If you’re here, that means you probably know there’s a need to upgrade your Drupal website soon. If the website is currently on Drupal 8, you have to upgrade it to Drupal 9 by November 2021. If it’s on Drupal 7, you have a bit more time, but it also means it would be more effort. We have been developing Drupal websites for over a decade and know that upgrading to a new version of your CMS can be a stressful and daunting process. But fear not, we got you!

Our team of Drupal development experts created several resources to help you better understand the Drupal 9 migration process, why you need to upgrade your site and how to get started. So regardless if you don’t consider yourself the most tech-savvy person or you have been part of other Drupal website migrations, you are in the right place to get your Drupal 9 journey started. Need more information, or ready to start your Drupal 9 journey? Just reach out!