Caleb R.


It’s 2020. We don’t watch TV with commercials, we don’t listen to the radio, and when was the last time you bought a newspaper? Advertising has moved to digital and I’ve been plugged into it since the beginning.

I prefer to focus on e-commerce (Facebook, Instagram, Google Display, YouTube Advertising), crowdfunding (Kickstarter and IndieGoGo), and lead generation (Unbounce, Instapage, Clickfunnels). But if you have a project outside of that, I’m open to talking about it.

I’ve managed Facebook advertising campaigns for companies that spend over $275,000 per month to companies that spend around $1,000 per month. I focus on ROI. That’s what matters right?

Five years of experience in Facebook advertising, SEO, Google AdWords, YouTube advertising, content creation copy, authority pages, blog posts, Instagram, Facebook, landing page design, CRM management, mobile advertising, retargeting, display advertising, and publisher relations.

Google AdWords Search Advertising Certified
Google Video Advertising Certified
Google Analytics Certified
HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certified
Strong SnapChat advertising experience managing e-commerce SnapChat advertising accounts with $5,000+ spend per month

Managed, devised creative, and executed Facebook advertising account for e-commerce operation with monthly budgets of up to $275,000+.

Managed international display advertising budgets of over $40,000 per month ($296,000 per month across all clients) with a 15% cost of COS.

Managed domestic Google AdWords budgets of over $15,000 per month ($49,000 per month across all clients) with an average of 24% COS.

Turned around 5+ year existing Google AdWords campaign from $856 per lead to $130 per lead in six months.

Built outdoor industry blog into a content site with over 40,000 unique visitors per month over 2 years.

Increased inbound calls to local plumbing business by 223% per month using Google AdWords and call tracking over three months.

Designed Facebook ad campaign to add 8,623 likes to an outdoor industry company over 30 days and at a cost of only $379.

Increased traffic through SEO and SEO based content creation by an average of 26% over four months across an agency portfolio of 12 clients.