Choice TechLab


What’s In The Name?
As a subsidiary of the Choice Group (est. 1993), we retain our lineage in our name with the intent to stay grounded in the value-added system of established expertise. We do this while evolving with the changing times and algorithms, which is why Technology is at the crux of everything we do. And since all great innovations happen in a Lab; ours is a place where creativity is allowed to run wild; monitored only within the rationality of science.

A strong footing in the experience that stands the test of time but simultaneously upgrades with the progression of events using creativity backed by data.

Making Magic with Experiments.
Our Vision
Being a part of the digital transformation process with our clients to create an unmatched digital experience for their customers.

Our Mission
Catalyzing a process intrinsic of a culture of improvement and resource optimization to shorten the time to success.

Our Essence
Operating on the principles of hypothesizing, experimenting, testing and re-innovating to make an impact.