We are a technology driven, agile organization focused on building and managing software products using proven and emerging technologies. We deliver world class custom software products that can scale and are maintainable over their lifecycle.

Our people are outstanding individuals, product thinkers, and continuous learners that are handpicked to fit culture first. We’re often quoted as a company with technology at its core. However, we always strike that out and say – our people and clients are at the core.

Waqas Khan Pitafi is the CEO of DevBatch, the technology partner of Fortune 500 companies Pepsi, Staples and Keurig from USA. Saudi Aramco, Saudi Telecom and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank from Middle East. Pepsi, National Railways of Zimbabwe in Africa. An accomplished tech executive with over 15 years of leadership experience delivering cutting-edge solutions to industry giants.

In current era, technology should serve its users by solving problems or achieving strategic goals and everything we do supports this belief. We uncover emerging trends and practices and deep dive on the patterns and use cases leveraged by the world’s most innovative software professionals.

Pitafi believes “You don’t hire the best team. You hire the team and make it best.” The team and the people that surround you is what moves the needle. Setting ambitious goals, aiming for great innovation and success is important, but make sure that you’re surrounded by a great team that would help you get there, support you along the way and celebrate the achievements with you.