Emial Postman


16 Years Of Experience With Email Marketing
I began working in email marketing whilst working in the travel industry in Ashford, Kent. Here, I worked with tour operators to communicate quickly and creatively with UK travel agents.

After 10 years, I became the group’s go-to email marketing guru and the company soon quickly saw how powerful email was. They asked to expand and lead the change for other sectors in the business.

The Story of Email-Postman
Started In Banking
I left college and worked in the baking industry for Alliance and Leicester, now Santander.

Where Email All Began
This is where it all started, in 2005 I started a role sending and reporting “eblasts” for the travel industry. This is where I learnt a lot of skills after 10 years becoming the group email marketing expert.

Email Marketing Manager – Watchfinder
Head hunted to become ’email marketing manager’ I helped develop a strong email marketing strategy learning and executing strong objectives.

Email Marketing Manger – ATG
Head hunted after a strong few years at Watchfinder I gained lots of experience, I was tasked with heading an international business with it’s email marketing.

Email-Postman Was Born
The birth Email-Postman was born and we’ve never looked back!

Feb 2019
Klaviyo Master – Silver Parnter
We are a Silver Partner and Master with Klaviyo. Can read more here.

April 2020
Email-Postman Worked With 40 clients
Email-Postman worked and helped execute some amazing objectives with over 40 clients.

July 2020
Mailchimp Certified Pro Partner
We are seen as one of the top UK email marketing certified experts from Mailchimp. Can read more here.