Fee Creative


FEE Creative is a boutique creative agency based in Hong Kong.
A prominent website design Hong Kong agency, FEE Creative was founded in 2008 by a team of young hungry designers sharing the same drive and enthusiasm to deliver innovative and outstanding aesthetics beyond expectations. We apply our vast foray of graphics design skills to a variety of specialties from web design and logo design to print and digital advertising design.

Our core aim at FEE Creative is to help you capture your audience’s imagination adhering to cohesive, powerful and truly engaging campaigns that over time set the foundation for your brand identity.

At FEE we understand the importance of a personable close-knit partnership to enhance your business through effective communication services to stay above your competition, visually empower your message and breathe life into your brand, product or service.

Clients & Brands we work with
Our experienced in-house team have produced outstanding projects for a diverse portfolio across various industries. We treat our clients as partners and work closely in unison whether they are a start-up or a multi-national corporation.