Halle R.


Creative consultant and content creator based in the PNW. With a diverse background ranging from social media management to ghostwriting and press releases, I am willing to take on any creative or strategic project. Contact me through my website for target demographic research and development projects.

My writing experience includes topics such as, art curation, fashion, fitness, health, wellness, technology, spirituality, food, start-ups, finance, marketing, business professionals, entrepreneurship, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, mass communication, motivational and public speaking, cybersecurity and many more.

In addition to working as a contributing writer, editing and story proposals are within my skillset. My resume extends to press releases, op-eds and ghostwriting. I am capable of capturing any voice, vision or style and welcome sponsored content pieces.

Consistently, I operate in an organized manner, and detail is paramount. Previously, I worked in professional roles as a Social Media Manager and Marketing Manager in various industries. These experiences included content pitches for social media campaigns and pieces for mainstream television programs.

My understanding of marketing techniques and target demographics are tried and true, but come with a twist of modern intrigue. Search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing are critical components to my profession, and I consider them independently within every project.