Iba Advertising


IBA Aamal Mubtakara Advertising, which means initiative business in English, is team of broadcast and media marketing experts founded in 2012. An innovative leader today Today, Aamal Mubtakara is probably the only advertising agency in Dubai to accept credit card payments as a payment option other than cash and cheques. We are also the first advertising agency in Dubai to introduce outsourcing jobs in the Philippines tailor-made optional to clients with a tight budget. We are pioneer agency to recently use the 360° camera. Get in touch to know more about 360° video production.

Combining the best of both worlds-Middle East meet West
We are a lean but highly efficient, qualified and talented team which makes us affordable and approachable to clients. Aamal Mubtakara consists of highly skilled creative staff. The team is comprised of both experienced creative writers and designers from the western countries (America,Australia,Canada and the UK) and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to come up with the best creative materials for all types of companies be it an Arabic or British company. Click here to meet the team now or download our company profile.