Jessica H.


With over ten years of experience in healthcare administration, I specialize in seeing the big picture and organizing logistics and care coordination with multiple organizations simultaneously.

This includes:
• Consultation for leadership teams to improve management of their healthcare
• Streamlining efficiency through Zoom meetings, Microsoft Business Essentials, and
• Patient referrals to different levels of care
• Insurance verification, authorization, and appeals
• Creating meeting agendas and action items
• Coordinating schedules for healthcare organizations and private practices

I have a deep understanding of the healthcare system in the United States and hold a degree in Healthcare Administration. My most recent project on Upwork involved coordinating transition of care for a patient with the state, supported living agency, and patient’s family. Additionally, I have been the discharge coordinator for a psychiatric emergency room and the admissions coordinator for a mental health and addiction treatment facility. I have assisted human resources in hiring administrative staff as well as training new hires.

You can expect me to learn everything about your organization enough to represent your company to potential clients and business partners within 24 hours of contract signing.