Kolossus digital


Why Kolossus Digital?
Work with agile and lean approach teams
to build best quality tech products.
ISO 9001:2015 certified
14 years industry expertise
Certified AWS Consultants
50+ clients engagements
Digital first approach
Access to futuristic tech

Kolossus digital has continued to be a “preferred tech partner in Australian startup space”. Our lean product approach has yielded good results for the product owners and has allowed us to build more user-centric products over an organic feedback. Our scalable product approach help startups to address the main issues they are trying to solve and build the product around it. We work closely with the product owners at all stages of the product development and help iterate the product to get the best outcomes.


With the help of Hybrid engagement model, Product owners are able to mix and match resources without exhausting high budgets and execute effective support strategies with a complete scalability model. We understand the challenges startups go through around funding and we advise accordingly to keep the costs and product lean as possible.