Livio P.


I am a detail oriented Customer Service Agent skilled in helping with all sorts of requests, from basic order questions (the classical ‘where is my order?’) to complex and less common issues. I have a lot of versatility using any communication channel to provide top-notch support.

I first started working for a call center where I was promoted to Lead with an HR approach after some months showing outstanding results; tasks were doing quality checks and general feedback to a team of over 20 agents. Afterward, I became part of the support team of a Shenzhen-based giant that sells electronics and gadgets, took care of over 80 customers daily via live chat, being among the top agents weekly and monthly basing on CSAT, goals, and quality.

Later on, I took part in Shopify-based stores, taking again the mantle of Manager, overseeing a team of agents making sure that all their customers were satisfied, and structured SOPs aligned with the company’s philosophy as part of my tasks, and I have had several other experiences ever since.

At this moment of my life, I’m looking to be part of a company that wants to do the same that I do: CHANGING THE WORLD, or at least, making it a better place. Does that sound like your company? Don’t hesitate in getting in touch with me, I’ll be thrilled to meet you!