My SEO Sucks


In order to help marketers and entrepreneurs scale their businesses, I created My SEO Sucks as a free resource with the sole goal of giving you everything you need to take action and see results.

I’m a finance professional turned entrepreneur. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work for world class companies like Goldman Sachs and UBS Securities. I also had a stint at a hedge fund, focusing on the Japanese economy. Anyways…

I eat and breathe business. My first successful exit was with a cardboard furniture design & manufacturer, Our Paper Life. Fun fact, we built the world’s largest cardboard beach for the Luminato festival in Toronto. Through this venture, we produced furniture for the Pan Am games, desks for Statistics Canada and custom products for various governments include Switzerland.

Anyways, with every business I started, each had the same theme, search engine optimization. Focusing in on content, Digital PR and a strong technical strategy, I’ve had the opportunity of scaling million dollar businesses, meeting titans in industry and building world class software.

As a result of my work, I’ve been prominently featured inpodcasts, news and various editorials around the globe.