Quadrate 28 Corp. is the first full cycle group of companies in the Eastern Europe for start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses. The group of companies includes: Quadrate 28 SMB, Quadrate 28 Digital, Quadrate 28 Startups, Quadrate 28 HR, Quadrate 28 Finance, Quadrate 28 Sales. We form the missing department in the client’s company and take on thefunctionality of this department, be it finance, HR, marketing, and sales. Ourmain service in each of these departments is called FULL. The company’s offices are located in Ukraine (Kyiv) and Dubai (UAE). But due to our work experience we also conduct projects for the companies from: USA, France, Poland,Germany, Georgia and Canada. Why would you need us? • There is no marketing manager in your team or there is no full-fledged marketing department when you need it. • If you need help in creating a marketing strategy and plan. • If you need operating marketing support. • If you need to develop a brand from a zero stage. • You need to start sales and don’t need to consult with. • Need audit and consulting before investing in development and marketing • Need launch to crowdfund platforms • Need launch to Product Hunt We have offers for startups and for SMEs. Just feel free to contact us. Quadrate 28 Corp. – Your Business Team On Demand