ROI Machines


ROI Machines is founded by Rudy Mawer, an established international entrepreneur, and expert marketer who has successfully built multi-million dollar businesses. He presents around the world at conferences and events and is the CEO of 4 companies along with being a Forbes Agency Partner. He is well-known as the world’s top Facebook advert experts within the health, fitness and weight loss industry and spends millions of dollars per year with Facebook ads across his own businesses and his agency, all providing a positive ROI.

Rudy was awarded an Extraordinary Individual visa by the US government for his specific skills in this niche and now consults for many of the world’s leading fitness organizations, celebrities, public figures, Ecommerce stores, supplement companies and more. He has built and ran many successful marketing campaigns for multi-million dollar fitness companies and, in many cases, provided a 10 times return for their investment or increased their total profit or income by up to 1000%.

ROI Machines now comprises of an elite marketing team that focuses on creating educational content and working as a agency to run the marketing and business behind the scenes for many of the top brands, celebrities and authority figures you see on a daily basis. They specialize in Facebook ads, Launches and full funnel creation and optimization with the focus on providing a win-win relationship and positive ROI within 30 days.

 ROI Machines is available on an application basis to help you scale and grow your business, coming in and running your marketing and product launches for you, often taking a small percentage of revenue with no risk on your part. One of the unique aspects of working with ROI Machines is they are ran by world class marketers AND entrepreneurs / business owners that understand the growth and pains of running a business.

 Each and every client of ROI Machines is family and we treat each business like it’s our own, creating a long and sustainable platform that we can all benefit from, while helping thousands of customers and achieving worldwide domination for you or your business in your specific niche.

Whether you are just starting out or an already established 7 or 8 figure business, ROI Machines can help you scale up and grow with our advanced techniques you will not find anywhere else online. Feel free to browse the site and get in touch if you want to learn more about how our agency works.