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Corporate Video Production Company Mumbai
Due to modern technology, it’s very much easy and convenient to communicate over a long distance in just a few seconds. However, traveling long distance is not as easy and convenient. What if someone from another continent wants to know and have a look at a company’s workability and services located in another continent?

The best way to showcase your company’s work is by making corporate films, products demo videos and advertisement films. Corporate videos are the best way to attract your audience attention and explain your point. THE JIGSAW, established by a group of experts in video production, is a professional corporate video production company in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Making a corporate film requires expertise in a lot of different domains. The process starts with understanding the client’s brief. Usually this is done by a team of analyst, writer and director. Once they understand the corporate film brief, then they brainstorm on various ideas and present it to the client. Upon approval of the client on a specific brief, the scripting for the corporate video starts.

Once we receive the client’s approval on the corporate film script, we start work on the post-production. This process involves finalizing the location, video-shoot dates, getting all the required equipment ready for the shoot, taking care of the lodging, boarding and travel requirements for the crew, who all are going to be responsible for the corporate video shoot.

The director and writer may together plan the required shots to be taken and also take a look for any other requirements that may be essential for the shoot. Then go ahead to start the corporate video shoot according to the script.

After the corporate video shoot is completed, the post production takes place. In the post production process for the corporate film the editing, VFX, text graphics, voice over and color grading of the corporate film is done. In a nutshell these are the various steps and processes that are required in making a corporate film. It involves creative and technical people and may take anywhere between one week to a month to complete the corporate film.

We at The Jigsaw, have a huge talent pool of directors, director of photography, light technicians, editors, drone operators and other creative and technical people required for completing the corporate video production. You can have a look at a humorous take on our video production process by going to the animation video prepared in video production by our animation studio.

Here, at The Jigsaw, our mission is to understand your concept and transform them into a video that showcases your company’s work. Our team quickly does corporate video production as they are professionals who have been associated with leading television channels and production companies from all over India.

The Jigsaw has been involved in corporate video production for big brands like Tata AIG, Nokia, Vodafone, Future Group, Gujarat Gas, SBI and many more recognized brands.

The concept is the most important aspect in making corporate films. The concept and philosophy should go hand in hand. So that the intention for which the video is produced will be crystal clear. Similar to that of canvas painting, a corporate movie or advertisement movie must be more creative and not mechanical.

There are many corporate film making companies who can shoot as well as edit a corporate film, but transforming it into an art piece requires some special abilities, and this is what The Jigsaw – Corporate Video Production Company promises to deliver you.

The team of The Jigsaw is always updated with new technology and we use them into videos. We are always ready to work with new clients and give them a fruitful result. So why to wait! Get in touch with us and let us discuss how we can bring your business up with great corporate videos.