We are Whirlwind
Digital marketers, communication agency, creative hotspot – we don’t really like being bracketed. Let’s just say we help you get to your business goal by doing whatever it takes. Integration is what defines us, Intelligence is what powers us and Inspiration is what drives us. For over a decade, this is how we have chalked out effective marketing campaigns for clients across the world.

So How Did We
Get Started?
Whirlwind started as a clean-slate idea that incubated in the mind of a marketing maverick. Having run the grinds of traditional advertising, new-age media and digital domains for years, founding member Saumil has straddled the dual worlds of technology and marketing. Having been on both sides of the fences, he soon realized that there are no linear solutions in an increasingly complex world.

So he went lateral. And established Whirlwind in 2007 to offer solutions built on age-old marketing principles but with an evolved language that spoke to the new-age world.