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AdScale weaves the power of AI technology into your advertising by automatically creating and optimizing ads across Google, Facebook & Instagram, with an average ROI of 10X and success-based pricing

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Automated Ads Creation
Utilize AdScale’s AI to fully automate ads creation across Google Search, Google Shopping, Facebook & Instagram. learn more

24/7 Performance Optimization

Cross-Channel Analytics

campaign creation
Automate Your Advertising
Save campaign management time & costs by advertising like a pro with AdScale’s automated modules: Automated campaign creation across all major channels, 24/7 automated optimization, automated Shop-to-Ad sync and more.

Audience targeting on AdScale
Reach the Right Audience
Target the right people at the right time, with the right products, using AdScale’s unique Crowdsourced Advertising © algorithm. AdScale matches between your store data and a database of millions of active campaigns to target highly relevant list of audiences, that are most likely to buy from your store.

Automate your advertising
Grow your Business Faster
Get more sales for every $ spent on advertising with AdScale’s AI technology that monitors your campaigns 24/7 and continuously optimizes them by allocating budgets, adjusting bids, adding and removing ads and keywords, changing the advertising mix, updating audience targeting and more…

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