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AdStage is now TapClicks!
TapClicks is a Smart Marketing Cloud, powered by your data, to unify your marketing.

Analyze and automate your paid marketing at scale.

Analyze and share insights on ad campaigns and conversions with your team or clients.

Automatically monitor and optimize tasks, like day-parting ads, so you can focus on strategy.

Data API
Ship normalized ad data to your preferred destination such as a BI tool.

Google Sheets
Get all your cross-channel ad data into Google Sheets with a single query.

Looking for integrations? We’ve got you covered.

Ad Networks
Our partnerships provide you with deep insights so you can fuel growth.

Analytics & Conversions
Easily connect your ad data to down funnel metrics to optimize for conversions.

Data Out Connectors
Instantly pull marketing data and ship it to the tools in your software ecosystem.