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Meet Alfred, more than a LinkedIn Automation Tool
Alfred has what you need to turn cold prospects into clients:
✓ Fully automated outreach campaigns on Linkedin, Email & Twitter
✓ Customizable template library with over 600 examples
✓ Ability to manage multiple accounts and more

10x your replies by prospecting
across multiple channels
Alfred lets you create a truly multi-channel sales pipeline. For instance, you could visit a lead’s LinkedIn profile, follow up with a personalized connection request and then an email or Twitter DM.

Interact with your prospects naturally wherever they are, to dramatically increase the chances of establishing a connection.

Build trust with prospects using personalization at scale
Wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically send a customized message based on the prospect’s industry or location, or adjust your salespitch based on their title?

Thanks to Alfred’s templates library and personalization snippets, you can tailor your sales message according to each prospect.