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Apollo Email Verification Integration
One aspect that you don’t want to miss on your Apollo campaign results is Clearout Email verification, just do it in 3 simple steps

Why should you validate your Apollo list with Clearout Email Verifier?
Reduce bounce rates, boost deliverability, and be confident your emails are landing into inbox. This Apollo Email verification integration helps ensure the contacts you are collecting with Apollo are valid, which improves data quality and the health of your database.

Connect your Apollo account to Clearout
Once you’ve logged onto Clearout, go to the top and select the ‘Email verifier’ option, then ‘Add list.’ Choose Apollo from the pop-up menu and click the ‘Click here to connect with Apollo’ option.
Enter any name for the account as well as your Apollo Account’s API key (Settings—> Integration—>API).
If you already have an Apollo account, Click on the Apollo integration to see the list of the email/contact list.

Note: The user will be able to add numerous Apollo accounts to their account.