Next-generation audience intelligence for brands

Codec’s AI-powered insights will bring new confidence and accuracy to the way you engage with target audiences.

We’re here to solve a big problem
The Internet was supposed to make it easy to connect with people. Instead, it’s fragmented them into audience networks that are hard to define or understand.

Codec solves this problem. Using real-time analysis of hundreds of millions of content interactions, our platform identifies the audience networks that matter most to your brand, with rich insights into how you can win their engagement and grow.

Crowd Upstream thinking
Our tools and analysis will transform the way you build strategy and allocate spend. Use Codec to drill down into what target audiences are passionate about, the platforms they prefer, and the best ways to connect with them.

Locate and define new audience opportunities where your brand can grow.

Create content that will resonate naturally and spark wider engagement.

Research and build your audiences in a GDPR compliant way.
Better insights. Better content.
Traditional approaches to audience segmentation produce results that are quickly out of date and hard to integrate into the creative process. Meanwhile, social listening provides a very limited view as it relies on subjectively chosen keywords.

Using machine learning and big social data, our platform provides unbiased, actionable insights into the different audience networks where your brand can drive deeper engagement.