Critical Mention


Critical Mention is a popular media monitoring tool and service that keeps track of your brand’s mentions on various media such as social media, print, online news and broadcast media. This tool is extremely fast and reliable. Anyone, not just marketers, can find this tool useful in monitoring and tracking mentions on the web. The tool offers real-time alerts when your business or brand name is published anywhere on the web. The service also monitors news channels and social media platforms in real-time and notifies you anytime you are trending. The information you get from this tool can help you measure the performance of specific marketing campaigns like SMM, and SEO.

Track. Measure. Share. Grow.
Track your earned media with the fastest all-in-one media monitoring service available

A Reliable Media Monitoring Solution You Can Trust
Today, media tracking is about getting quick, accurate results and understanding the value of your coverage. Critical Mention delivers.

A brand tracking and analytics tool that provides the insights you value
Real-time alerts and in-depth analytics from a platform built on modern, cloud technology.
That’s reliable media monitoring

Social Media Monitoring
Stay on Top of What’s Trending with Critical Mention’s Real-Time Social Listening and Analytics.

Track Social Media
in Real Time
Follow all of your brand’s social media coverage across leading social networks like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter with Critical Mention’s powerful social media platform.

Track mentions and branded terms
Search all keywords, not just handles and hashtags
Monitor customer feedback with social listening